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When I look at myself, I look at form as a function of function. When I look at others I look at their form as a function of lifestyle. I see body builders invested in growing more lines, I see large people, and their resilience of what they cope with. I see skinny people, and their frailty and their needs worn on the outside of their bodies.

– Juliana Payson


for my love

If I had my life
To live over again
I would truly take you
For my love again

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white vs black anger

— whites get mad because they have to be ‘politically correct’
— blacks get mad because their family and friends are killed for no reason

you mad, bro?

is the word “spooky” a colloquialism or is it -i don’t know even know how to say this correctly- a vernacular term?

vernacular = typical, native language or dialect
colloquialism = informal language (can’t instead of cannot, i’d instead of i would, etc), sometimes includes slang


drake look like a 36 year old white dude walking into the club for the first time in yearsssss


when i say literally, i literally mean literally





or nah. talk about what you want, particularly if it brings you joy. or just makes you feel better than you did before.


Do you understand what people mean when they say “black lives matter” and do you understand what is wrong with the response “all lives matter?”
– paul f. tompkins

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