{i am an:}

animal-obsessed, shit-stirring light brown leftist; intersectional feminist killjoy; bpd sad girl. lowkey goth poseur.  #blacklivesmatter. climate change is real. all white people are racist. punch nazis. (somewhat) neatly packaged as an outgoing, charismatic, ‘normal’ girl. looks are deceiving.

uneducated hbcu student of social and political sciences. valley-girl from the 512 who says “like” too much and enjoys using hyphens and hot-button issues to describe herself.

inherent sociologist. wannabe biologist. definite procrastinologist. shitty writer and spanish speaker. self-deprecator. pero still totes amaze. soy yo, writing stuff about things i find interesting, dreadfully boring or… whatever? using this as an outlet for feelings and putting off lab reports/papers/homework.