{i / i am a:}

closeted tree-hugging, animal-obsessed, shit-stirring, light brown, radically progressive intersectional feminist who knows #BlackLivesMatter, climate change is happening, and that there’s no such thing as “real rape.”

temporarily uneducated student / valley-girl from the 512 who says ‘like’ too much and enjoys using hyphens and hot-button issues to describe herself.

wannabe biologist. inherent sociologist. definite procrastinologist. shitty writer and spanish speaker. self-deprecator. totes amaze. soy yo, writing stuff about things i find interesting, dreadfully boring or… literally anything. i use this blog as an outlet for my feelings, and to put off lab reports/papers/homework.

*will probably offend if you read enough entries. #notsorrynotsorry #dontbelieveeverythingyouread #dontjudgeablogbyitsrandomuseofhashtags