hi!!! this is my first make-up/swatch/not completely random blog post. by an large, i have no idea what i’m doing here.

for now though, i am gonna swatch stila’s stay all day liquid lipstick in the shade beso.

you can probably tell by mediocre product application, bad angles, worse lighting, questionably adequate iPhone camera, shitty post formatting etc. regardless, i love lipstick, and i love pretty much all lip stuff. stains, stick, gloss, chapstick… do more products exist more than that? if so, i probably love them, too.

FullSizeRender 3

swatching has always been fun for me because i’m a hardcore homebody (full-time online student) and therefore have no place to wear fun lippies. for me, it’s almost as good as going out, minus the social anxiety and inevitable fatigue associated with doing something outside the home. i have borderline personality disorder, major depressive disorder and impulse control issues, and as a result i end up at home like, 90% of the time. when i feel really shitty, wearing a fabulous lip makes me feel a little better. sure, i haven’t showered 10 days, done laundry in three weeks, or made it to the grocery store since last month, but dammit i’m going to wear a $40 armani lippy regardless. it’s the little things, right?

crippling depression
*waives maniacally*

another reason i’m swatching – and actually publishing pictures – is because i am a closet narcissist, so clearly people are dying to see what some random product looks like on some random person’s lips. i don’t know my skin shades (is that even what they’re called?) because i’ve never spent more than 5 minutes in a mac store and have never had my face beat/worn full-face makeup. what i can tell you is i am mixed {white + latina from ecuador} and have what i think is a somewhat pinky, olive skin tone, naturally medium brown hair and green eyes.

on to the good stuff! i got a stila “stay all day liquid lipstick” in “beso” (kiss in spanish) from sephora for 100 points (march 2017)!!


i’m stingy with my points but this is a good size product /and/ i can’t resist a bangin’ red. the person who rang me up called it a lip stain, but it’s clearly a liquid lipstick (as evidenced by the application and the uh.. name). maybe it will leave a stain once it’s worn off; i will update if it does. for the record, i LOVE lip stains and am forever searching for a TRUE stain that leaves little residue. holla at me if you have recommendations.


i used the applicator attached to the cap as well as a Stila #4 brush (i had no idea if this was a lip brush lol) i happened to have. the built-in applicator is fine, but not very precise… at least for me. to be fair, i am barely adequate when it comes to applying lip stuff, so maybe it works better for more skilled folx. the quick drying time can be a blessing and a curse bc product sometimes cakes up on the applicator or your lips. this one dries nicely on the lip and you don’t have to sit and wait for it to set. it didn’t chunk up when i (lightly!) rubbed my lips together (i’m looking at you, kylie cosmetics). i suggest blotting on your hand or wrist with an open mouth… think of the face trump makes when he says “wrong”… to get rid of excess corner of your mouth chunkiness that is inevitable with literally any brand.

inside my house, the color looked cool (like, as opposed to warm) and seemed to have some blue in it. i dig it because anything with so much as a hint of orange looks terrible on me.

when i went outside, particularly in direct sunlight, it looked a bit orange-y. not in the usually terrible way, but i was surprised to see the difference.

see?! kinda orange.

after applying and wearing for about an hour, i ate two tacos. they weren’t really greasy since they were meatless, so i can’t say how it would fair after eating something oily… though i would imagine it would end up much like any other liquid lip/stain after eating greasy food. there was some displacement of color (is that what it’s called?), but not terrible. would def need to touch up though if you’re a little picky.

tldr:  this is a good, maybe great, product. the application is nice, creamy, and dries fairly quickly. it lasts a long time and fared well through a meal. would i spend $24 on the full size (0.08 fl oz) product? maybe, but i would probably exchange it for the shade Fiery because of this shade’s slightly orange-y tint.

my attempt at being ~sexy~ like other lip swatchers. not cute lolol