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June 2016

wtf @ this (american) world

i am so sad from the orlando shooting đŸ˜¦ it’s really surprising to me how upset i am, even almost two days later.  i almost feel like i’m putting up some sort of show, but i’d rather hide my tears than tell anyone about it. i just can’t figure out how our fucking country has gotten this way.

not sure what else to say. i’m taking five summer classes and should be doing homework. ironically, i’m taking american minorities.



let’s keep the ball rolling!

gun study reaction

ah, the oft considered but generally unsaid (untyped?) threat the internet friendship ban-hammer. spooky! not to mention, i’ve known this guy 22+ years – he is like a second dad to me.

i couldn’t decide whether or not i should respond to this ridiculous ‘comment’ — i am using Fb’s jargon, although in reality, it’s actually an amusing, not at all veiled threat.

have you read my last entry?


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