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January 2016

on my mama

if donald trump is elected president i will apply for asylum to canada.


reverse hypocrisy

so this makes me wonder… am i a dick for posting this? well, yes…

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 6.04.35 PM

but i guess what i should be asking is if i’m a hypocrite. is this comparable to saying “well maybe Eric Garner shouldn’t have been selling loosies”? is it only okay to mock tragedy in a case where it supports my cause? would i be condemning the person (at least in my mind) who snarkily remarks on Fb that Mike Brown committed a crime, which led is what led to his death?

or do i get a pass because reverse racism isn’t a thing, so it’s not as damaging when non-minorities are put down in the media?

why am i assuming these people are/were white, anyway?

When I look at myself, I look at form as a function of function. When I look at others I look at their form as a function of lifestyle. I see body builders invested in growing more lines, I see large people, and their resilience of what they cope with. I see skinny people, and their frailty and their needs worn on the outside of their bodies.

– Juliana Payson

for my love

If I had my life
To live over again
I would truly take you
For my love again

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