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October 2015

is the word “spooky” a colloquialism or is it -i don’t know even know how to say this correctly- a vernacular term?

vernacular = typical, native language or dialect
colloquialism = informal language (can’t instead of cannot, i’d instead of i would, etc), sometimes includes slang



drake look like a 36 year old white dude walking into the club for the first time in yearsssss


when i say literally, i literally mean literally





or nah. talk about what you want, particularly if it brings you joy. or just makes you feel better than you did before.


Do you understand what people mean when they say “black lives matter” and do you understand what is wrong with the response “all lives matter?”
– paul f. tompkins


I drink to the house, already destroyed,
to my whole life, too awful to tell.
To the loneliness we together enjoyed, well, I drink to you as well.

Anna Akhmatova

-_- humans

i can’t help but think THIS is what’s wrong with the world.

i understand the need for a greater presence of discussions about racism, income inequality, hunger, lack of clean water, etc. i really do. but i also firmly believe that if everyone were brough up to be kinder, gentler, more nurturing towards animals, this would increase the understood value of human lives. basically, if people were nicer to animals, the world would be a better place. i will revisit this because i need to be doing biology homework atm.


must stop putting this off…

so many ideas – such lack of will to post/write/generate creative stuffs. i’ll list a few topics i wish to elaborate on further:

  • humans have capitalized on science and don’t want it to “go further.” change will cause what’s been capitalized on to crumble, devaluing the society we’ve created through benefit of science
  • females are traditionally underdogs, which is why they are so critical of one another. we are more competitive because the female gender typically wins less. when there is a small pool of winners, competition becomes increasingly more intense
  • saying there’s no a real problem with racism in society today is like telling your partner or a friend that although they say you’ve hurt them, you don’t really think it’s a problem. it might not turn out so bad the first time you deny the realness of their reaction, but the next time it’s brought up, it will become a larger issue. the frequency in which you deny the feelings of others is directly correlated to levels of pleasant, agreeable interactions with others. this will eventually cause the two groups to part ways. society however, cannot part ways with itself, so denying the effects or relevance of racism and ethnic inequalities is the equivalent of ruining a relationship with someone you have a daily, guaranteed interaction with
  • why humans who are biologically, physically, unable to have children go out of their way to force their body to do something it’s trying so hard to communicate that it is unable to effectively do
  • gun violence down 49% since 1993/peak: why?
    -crack market declined, “vibrant” 90s economy allowed young, unskilled laborers to have legitimate jobs
    -people over 30 were incarcerated, so violence levels among a robust population segment were stifled (levels are still down – does this mean/imply incarceration was effective?!?!)
    -increased access to abortion
    -decreased exposure to lead (lead poison/exposure in immature brains can lead to brain damage that causes violent behaviors)
    -55% of gun homicide victims are black (compared to 2010 Census ~17% of US population are black)

aaaaand a few funny pieces i suppose:

-area woman feels rainbow sherbet should have less flavors, make up for with more desirable flavors
-area women knows freedom isn’t free, glad to be middle class

i guess that’s all for now, lol.

we had ACL this weekend – went all three days. it was pretty fun, fav band we saw is Flosstradamous, second Deadmau5, third Børns (only third bc danny didn’t really care about seeing him). wish we’d have seen Nero. but we’re not hip enough to keep up with the under 30 crowds 😛 still had a good time and we’ll at the very least buy tickets for next year (weekend 2 again!!).

blah bed time…

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